Jump Start your Valentine Boudoir Business

Start your Valentine Boudoir Business from your Home Studio and Start Making Money NOW Photography Schoolhouse introduces our new Three Part Webinar Series on Starting your  Valentine Boudoir business from your home studio.   Making money from your portrait studio in the winter months can be a challenge. One of the best promotions we can…
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Quantum Qflash T5d

Hi, am looking for info on what I would need to get started with a single Q-flash for outdoor work (portable), and then what to add as I can afford them. I have been lugging my Alienbee 800 with a parabolic and it is very cumbersome. Wondering if these would replace it or be better/as…
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5 Photo Composite

I was amazed during the last art festival of the year with the photographer next to me.  He photographed old graffiti walls, old gas station ruins, old cars, and basic things I would call junk.  He made beautiful metal 24 x 36 prints and sold them for $1250@.  Smaller items sold for $650.  He took…
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Place your photo here

I have had very little luck selling this collage with just one sale in the past year, until I finally realized the models might be the reason why people are not interested.  Showing this large 24 x 36 print, I got the idea of placing a photo of the customer in this collage for a…
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Marietta Train Station 1863

I have been at this one for a while, populating the station with photographs and getting the lighting right on each so that the composite looks realistic.  The image is printed on antique cold press thick paper which really gives it the old feel.  I sold this large 24" x 36" framed print at last…
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