Quantum Qflash T5d

Hi, am looking for info on what I would need to get started with a single Q-flash for outdoor work (portable), and then what to add as I can afford them.

I have been lugging my Alienbee 800 with a parabolic and it is very cumbersome. Wondering if these would replace it or be better/as good?

Thanks for opinions!

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  1. Brent Rowlett
    First, I do not know how accomplished you are with photography and for what purpose you want higher powered lighting, but I will tell you that Quantum is the preferred portable lighting used by David Zeiser and many pros. If you want to be able to backlight your subject and shoot into the sun and overpower it, the X5D 400 watts is similar to the Profoto B1 500 watt light with full TTL and enough power to overpower the sun and photograph sports events at night etc. completely lighting a football player in mid field from the sidelines. I am winding down my photography as the business dwindles in our area. I have just about every piece of Quantum gear which I am thinking of putting up on Ebay for sale. I have the Trio which can talk to all the other Q-flash units. I also have a new Free X Wire transmitter and three new receivers. I am so used to shooting manually that all this TTL stuff I just never used, and it takes time to practice. My equipment is Canon. If you have Nikon equipment you will have to buy special receivers for the lights. I also have 6 Pocket Wizards which I like to use with a variety of lights at one time in manual mode. I have 2-T5ds, 1-X5d and a Trio. I would recommend using a bracket, one T5d, and a transmitter which connects with the hot shoe and the T5d. This unit is no longer sold and I have 2 in new condition. These units allow you to increase light output fill in 3 f-stops and will let you do rear curtain sync which is cool photography with motion. For wedding work if you are by yourself, this is the easiest setup. For wedding work and fashion split lighting, I use 2-T5ds, one on either side of the model or left and right of the stage wedding party. This gives me 200 watts from each side to eliminate shadow with plenty of power (like 4 speed lights on each side). The beauty of the Quantum is that you can shoot in bare bulb mode outside for lighting that mimics the sun--nice and even fill. Or aim them in a top corner of a ballroom for even fill lighting of a large dining area. I had a huge wedding party of 24 and I had even lighting across the stage with no fall off. The drawback is that they are expensive requiring expensive batteries. The main positive is that they will not overheat and die. You can fire them like a machine gun in high speed sync or 3 bust mode for hundreds of shots (500 or more in manual mode--TTL a little less) And last Creative Lighting makes an adapter for a monopod that will allow you to use your soft boxes, parabolic, etc. and fire your Quantum in these light modifiers just like a studio strobe. There is adequate power in these units that a lot of photographers use them in their studio and on location. I have used most everything out there, and you cannot beat these lights. If I really had the outdoor business I might take a look at the new Profoto B1, but for the extra 100 watts, I would be spending another $400-$500. You see all these contraptions out there able to place 4 speed lights in a modifier at $600@?? Why? Buy powerful lights from the outset, and you will be happy. With a lot of my portrait work and all of my wedding work, I use Quantum. Hope this helps, and good luck. Brent Rowlett www.eyephotodesign.com
    • Are you thinking of selling your Quantum equipment? If you are email me please.
  2. Mike Servis
    I would look into the Adorama Flashpoint StreakLight 360 Ws Creative Collection, No TTL but you really do not need it. It does support high speed sync so no longer limeted to 1/200 or 1/250 sync speed. http://www.adorama.com/FPLFSL360K2.html

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