CRUSHING IT – With your new Home Studio

Run your Business from your home studio and start CRUSHING IT

Photography Schoolhouse introduces our new Three Part Webinar on running your photography business out of your home studio


We all dream of having a commercial studio some day. But that relentless overhead takes it's toll. The key is to keep expenses low while you build your business and achieve your financial goals.

But how do you find balance with your personal life and business? How do you maintain privacy for yourself and your family. And most of all, how do you do it without annoying the neighbors or breaking city bylaws?

Those are just a few questions you have to answer as you embark on your new venture. Then of course comes the business of photography.


  • What kind of photography can I do in my space
  • Do I need to buy a lot of equipment and what kind
  • Everybody shoots outdoors, why should I shoot indoors
  • How can I market my business without a sign
  • How can I get sales out of my home

Kerry started in photography at the age of 14 with a small $12 camera. With no money and only a passion for photography he was able to win two first place finishes in competitions with just that small camera. It also lead to the understanding that great photography is not about the equipment, but rather the vision.

Now, for over 15 years, Kerry Allan has been presenting Photographic Workshops to photographers, and right from the very beginning they've always had the key feature of "Hands On" participation.


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