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I was amazed during the last art festival of the year with the photographer next to me.  He photographed old graffiti walls, old gas station ruins, old cars, and basic things I would call junk.  He made beautiful metal 24 x 36 prints and sold them for $1250@.  Smaller items sold for $650.  He took orders and will have Bay Photo make the metal print and drop ship same to the customer.  He made over $3500 for the weekend in a show he appraised as poor.  He travels all over the country doing these shows and makes a good living-sometimes $10,000 a show.  I believe him, because I saw it with my own eyes.

He gave me a lot of ideas, and here is one composite that I plan to make into a metal print. Old cabins and country scenes sold well.


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  1. I have an acquaintance that does the same, Maybe we need a list of these shows...entrance fee....etc... I think I would enjoy traveling once in a while...
  2. JennLPS
    I would love to learn more on this subject... Does he take separate images and merge them using overlays and different backgrounds or is more like HDR ... I love HDR as long as it is not over done.
    • Sorry I have not been active on this site since being notified that everything was changing to Facebook. I thought this was being closed down. This piece is a composite as are all my fabrications. I am a big fan of Joel Grimes, the master of this kind of work with portraits. This was/is the original old Commissary on the Ethridge 1786 Farm in Jefferson, GA. I masked out the lawn, side street, sky and telephone lines, and then took the photo into Topaz and enhanced it to my liking. From there I have purchased a collection of about 50 dramatic sky high resolution photos, and several landscape backgrounds, trees, animals, birds, you name it. I used a sky photo that I thought would look realistic with the colors, and the fall hills scene to the right of the store. I spent a little over $300 on the metal print ready for sale, but only after I sold a paper print at least once. I don't need expensive metal prints sitting around that will not move. If you know how to mask well, you can take a ho-hum photo of a cabin etc. and make something nice out of it. If it is still possible to post photos, I may post another. I have a ton of stuff on my new website, but now I devote most of my time to painting which is selling well.

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