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  1. FYI - Pocket Wizard III
  2. Brent Rowlett
    Just about every speed light will accept a pocket wizard connection from an inexpensive Vivatar 285 to the expensive Canon and Nikon lights. You need special cords depending upon your choice.
    • Wow, I have the Canon 430, that doesn't have a connection. It must be older than I thought. LOL I will check out the Vivatar, thanks!
  3. kapsh
    IF you want a manual flash consider the Vivitar 285. The history of that flash is amazing. First produced in the 80's, it's still made today in almost the exact same form. I used them for many years and I just saw a production with Scott Robert Lim and he's using a variation that is almost the same. If you want speedlight dedicated flash then you may be tied into your camera brand.

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