Learn to Photograph Baby’s First Year

step-by-step-PSH-150Learn to Photograph the Baby's First Year
From Maternity to 12 month old - See each step of the way


Here's a perfect way to learn to create the baby's first year Wall Panel and add $$ to your bottom line.  Over the course of a year, we worked with an actual client, and created videos of each step of the Baby's First year Wall Panel from Maternity to 12 month old. Now you can see how you can create wonderful baby photography and build your clientele  for your own studio!

This Set includes 5 recordings of up to one hour each done during the actual photo sessions so you can see how to work with the parents and the baby. This is real-world studio photography using an actual client, not models. Follow us each step of the way and see how it's done.

Maternity PhotosMaternity Session

It all starts here of course. The maternity session can be the beginning of a year long photo session, and a life long client. Get great captures of this special time in a woman's life and you've captured a friend for life

Join us as we shot how you can take great shots using simple backgrounds and lighting.

This Video runs 1 hr 17 minutes.

Photographing the NewbornNewborn  Session

Within the first two weeks of birth comes the newborn session.

The baby has little movement or ability at this stage, so what a great time to get the interaction of the baby with mom and dad.

These are powerful shots and capture a special bond and emotion that you can't get at any other time.

This video runs 1 hr 22 minutes

Baby's First Year Four Month4 Month Session

The baby's more alert now but not usually able to prop themselves up. See how the use of simple props and setups including mom and dad, allow for some great photography and even greater expressions.

This is an ideal time to use some baby bonnets or hats that you keep at the studio.

This video runs 49 min.

Baby's First Year eight month8 Month Session

Now the baby can sit on their own. This opens up a whole new world of posing. The can usually stand for short periods if they have something to hold on to.

It's also a great time to bring in the family dog for a few shots. Take extreme care, and have a mop standing by. Also, equip your studio with a few posing accessories for more fun.

This video runs 55 min.

Baby's First Year 12 Month12 Month Session

The most fun of all the sessions, the 12 month old baby has lots of mobility, and that of course keeps you on your toes.

Lots of props can be used for the child to hold on to and they look great, but the most fun of all can be the one year old cake smash. Of course, you leave this for last.

This video runs 36 min.

How to Photography Baby's First Year5 hours of Video

With 5 hours of real life video shot in out PSH Ditto Cam studio and the Image Gallery listed below, this is the best way for you to get prepared for shooting your own clients and giving them the images they want to buy.

The Baby's first year wall panel is one sure-fire way to build $$'s in your bank, and a clientele that just keeps coming back for more.

Image Gallery Included

See the actual images taken at each of the 5 sessions in their raw form. No retouching - straight out of the camera - nothing omitted. You see every shot from the video - yes - even the bad ones. Use these sheets as posing guides for your own sessions - (requires Adobe PDF reader)
(I know it's hard to believe, but yes, even pros take flubs sometimes too !)

Baby's First Year Image Gallery

Photography-MarketingExtra Bonus!
How to Market the Baby's First Year Wall Panel

A one hour recording of our recent marketing webinar showing awesome ideas for marketing your baby business

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