Business is exploding!

In sales, one has to create a need to successfully move product or services. Photographing many homes in this development, all of the agents request that I photograph the resort amenities.  Why not photograph the area just once and supply photos and video to agents for an economical fee to market these homes? After selling…
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Top 10 Gadgets Photographers will Love

Here's 10 Gadgets every Photographer really wants! Well yes, I tend to collect things. Occasionally people call them my toys, I call them essential to my work. But whatever here are ten items that will make your photography business go a little nicer! Kerry   1) Camera Connection Kit Card Reader 5 in 1 Port [new…
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Continuing with Window Pulls

Practice, Practice, Practice.  The photography that separates the run of the mill photos and images from the pros in addition to correct exposure and composition, is the ability to edit wide angle distortion and capturing outside views through the windows. HDR software like Photomatix does not leave much in the way of window views.  Most…
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Window Pulls & Flambients

In building my Real Estate Photography business, it is a constant learning process to find better techniques to improve quality and save time.  These little tips will also help my portraits if a client is placed in front of glass with a beautiful view. When on location, one does not have a choice of day…
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