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My client, Brenda Smith, recently won the international award for Custom Design with this exquisite design of cultured pearls, one of a kind jumbo pearls which cost $80,000 wholesale by themselves.  The wreath is made of 18K Gold and accented by diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.  The concept was presented in drawing form at the request of collection curators at the 2016 AGTA Tucson Gem Show and ordered on the spot.  Usually, these magazines have their own photographers re-photograph the winning award pieces, but not this time.  My photography made the national magazine MJSA Journal for August in three pages.

Her constant creativity keeps me busy at least one week out of every month photographing her items for publication and sale.  I was worried about losing her as a client to NY photographers, but thanks to my Canon 5DSr, I am able to compete with the medium format guys in NY, and keep the business with large prints and files.


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