Live Broadcast – Creative Camera #5 – Creating Mood in Your Photography

Live Broadcast - Creative Camera #5 - Creating Mood in Your Photography

PSH - LIVE - May 23, 2017 - 7 PM EASTERN


Creating mood is what photography is all about. Anybody can take a shot with their own camera, but a photographer, like an artist, must create feeling with their imagery.

It's what gives a picture universality. We all know that anybody will like a picture of somebody they know. But what is it about some pictures that anybody will like regardless of their relationship to the subject. This is what I call universality. And universality comes from a mood that the viewer can relate to.

Consider these pieces of art.

photography-art-mood-creative-camera photography-art-mood-creative-camera photography-art-mood-creative-camera

They certainly have appeal yet we have no idea of who they are of. This also points out that art is not about high-res. As photographers we often get so tied up in the technical aspects of our camera gear we forget that the real game is about mood, not DPI.

Try making an image with a pallet knife sometime. I think that's about 2 dpi.

So join us Tuesday May 23, 2017 at 7PM EST and lets see if we can do it live on camera 🙂

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