Jump Start your Valentine Boudoir Business in 2017 and Start making money Now! 3 Parts

Start your Valentine Boudoir Business from your Home Studio and Start Making Money NOW - 2017 Style

We introduce our new Three Part Webinar Series on starting your  Valentine Boudoir business from your home studio. Part 3 Live January 19, 2017 9PM Eastern.

Making money from your portrait studio in the winter months can be a challenge. One of the best promotions we can do at this time of year is the Valentine Boudoir Session.

In this three part series, we'll show you:

  • Build your Sample portfolio from scratch
  • How to make simple sets in your home studio using both available light and studio flash
  • Start an easy and affordable Marketing campaign to bring customers in the door
  • Master Social Marketing
  • Learn simple posing that people love
  • Become a marketing and sales monster
  • See what products boudoir clients want to buy
  • How to sell


Our three part series will show you the ropes on boudoir photography and how to make it profitable with minimal equipment. The program includes three live Webinars that guide you each step of the way.

Join the three part program now - it's Free :

  • Jan. 5 – Webinar - The basics of lighting and set creation
  • Jan.12 – Webinar - Starting your Marketing and getting clients
  • Jan.19 – Webinar - Developing a shooting style, posing and product design



This can be the best thing you can do for your photography business this year!


Join Now and Pay just $79.99 if you Register before Jan. 1, 2016

(Price after Jan. 1 will go back to $129.99)

Thanks to our sponsor Global Star Websites - This is now offered To everybody for FREE !

Thank you Global Star Websites for sponsoring this Series so we may offer it to everybody for FREE!


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