Best thing I did all Month for my Productivity!

My workflow computer is my livelihood. I've always tried to keep it running as best I can with constant updates and so on. But after the upgrade to Windows 10 I definitely noticed a slow down. It got worse and worse and was driving me nuts.

The big problem was boot time. Never mind a few minutes, the machine would take forever to get to a fully running state. I mean I'd get a desktop in a couple of  minutes, but for it to become really responsive would take 15- 20 minutes. Why?

Well, it seems Windows 10 has a lot of housekeeping to do. And in all fairness, I have three cloud services I use - Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. All things combined and it took a long time to get fully ready to rock.

But even then Photoshop was slow to load as was pretty much any program. Using Task manager it was easy to see the problem was the C: Drive. An old SATA drive ( 5years).

I really didn't want to lay out a pile of cash for an all new machine, so I decided to spend a few bucks on a new 525 Mb SSD drive to replace the old HDD. Best darn thing I could have done. It's like a whole new machine.


Connect the SSD hard drive to the computer

I choose a "Crucial" brand SSD drive model MX300. It had great reviews and the Crucial brand was very well recommended by some computer geeks I know. It was a piece of cake to install. I just added it to an open SATA connection to the motherboard and left the existing C: drive in place.

The drive comes with a licence key to Acronis True Image software which you download and install. Simply select the source and target drives and start the cloning process. Your computer will reboot and come up to the Acronis interface instead of Windows. It only took about 10-15 minutes for the entire process to be complete. Simply shut down after cloning and disconnect the old drive - Done - reboot and be amazed.

Hint: I did find that while using the computer it would freeze up randomly. It turns out I needed to un-install the Acronis software and it's been awesome ever since.

So if you want to increase your productivity - try installing a new SSD drive. 🙂


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