Live Broadcasts for Photographers


Upcoming Live Broadcasts for Photographers

PSH Live Ditto Cams

Live broadcasts directly from our Studio - Watch - Participate - Learn

photography-schoolhouse-live-broadcasts-ditto-camMost photographers are hands on learners. Certainly I am. But when you can't join a workshop in person, the best thing to do is watch live where you get to asks questions as it happens.

So we invented PSH Ditto Cams

Yes, we call them 'PSH Ditto Cams', Why? Because we broadcast both the video image and the still captures live as we shoot. Hence the 'Ditto Cam'. PSH is simply short for Photography Schoolhouse.

It's a live broadcast so you can interact with the staff and instructors in real time, and even converse with other viewers. What a great learning experience.

Each episode is presented free of charge, so learn, get inspired, and meet a peer group today. Simply register below for the next live broadcast


PSH Webinars

Best photography presentations from the country's top instructors


Photography Schoolhouse has been a leader in photographic education since 2006, and has been doing Webinars since 2008.

Over the years we've brought some of the world's best instructors and content to you free of charge.

We continue that long tradition as we ride the wave of change that has swept our industry. We'll keep bringing the best and the brightest with the latest techniques and methods in professional photography today.

And keep an eye out for our Webinar Classrooms. These are Multi-Part webinars designed to help you accomplish a certain aspect of our business. We recently done a six part boudoir series and a 12 part Wedding class.

Up Next

Up Next

  • Marketing and Shooting the Bridal Boudoir

    Thursday Mar. 16, 2017 at 9PM EST  This is a natural fit for Wedding Photographers, but any Boudoir Photographer can tap into this. As a bride approaches her wedding day, she's often in the bests shape she's been in for some time. And a Bridal Boudoir is something she would love to give to her groom. Usually done weeks or months Continue Reading

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Upcoming and Past PSH Ditto Cams




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