Glamour Photography Bootcamp 2020

Give your Glamour Photography the WOW look

Feb. 24-25, 2020
French River, ON.


Good enough isn't good enough anymore - Ya' gotta wow-em
Join Photography Schoolhouse for this Two Day Intensive hands-on workshop in The French River area of Ontario

Kerry Allan Owner - producer Photography SchoolhouseKerry Allan

Lead Instructor

Having taught photography, computer science and software implementation to thousands of students in nine countries around the world, Kerry has developed a unique teaching style. His straight forward, and personable approach has won him the loyalty of his students from all parts of the globe.

But more than an instructor, Kerry is also known as a show and event producer. Having created and produced events of every description for twenty years attracting many thousands of attendees , nobody is better suited to create, manage and produce this Boot Camp.

For the past ten years, Kerry has operated Photography Schoolhouse. Starting with just a few users in the Phoenix area, it then grew to thousands and thousands of users around the globe. Having BootCamps produced in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Austin TX, and Toronto Canada, Photography Schoolhouse has become a leader in professional photographic education.

Feel the passion - Join today!

"Very knowledgeable instructor - personable and approachable. He
didn’t make anyone feel stupid for making a mistake or not
understanding a procedure." S. Campbell

"Did an excellent job as a trainer - speech was clear and precise -
very easy to hear clearly - definitely satisfactory to a
high degree."

Russ Silljer

"Kerry has either worked very
hard on his presentation skills, or is naturally gifted"
Major Schell, National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa

"Trainer was fully versed in the program and took considerable
interest in ensuring methods were correctly understood.
Welcomed questions".J.W. Shields


If you're dead serious about wanting to succeed in professional Boudoir and Glamour photography, this might be the single best event you can attend!


Boudoir Photography Bootcamp



Two Full days of Hands-On shooting, editing and marketing your boudoir photography business

... and get ready to stun your competition

Boudoir Photography Bootcamp




This Program ROCKS!! Love the fact that it's a small group.
I loved the fact we were not following a book and we were photographing everyday. Kerry, what I loved about your Bootcamp is you are not a snob, about the wealth of information you have.
You are willing and happy to share that knowledge


The Studio programs were awesome, interacting with other photographers and seeing other styles was great! - Julie


The models were phenomenal (I Loved Them). They made it impossible to get a bad shot. I liked the fact that you touched on so many topics and I found it very easy to follow your teaching style. I think the Boot Camp was fantastic and it met all of my
expectations. Thank you for a great 3 days. - Andre


I really felt that I've learned a lot from this Boot Camp. Studio is something I knew nothing about and after the boot camp I feel knowledgeable about studio shooting. All in all, thanks for overloading my brain 🙂 - Angela

Oh my god....There are so many wickedly awesome images to choose from.
I'm still in awe , I can't believe I actually took these pictures.

I want more bootcamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Andrew


Kerry and John have been business partners for twenty years, and it shows. They work together so well. The instruction I received as well as input during our shoots was exactly what I was hoping to get. Many different types of shoots were presented to teach us - stretch us - and send us home with the knowledge to improve our work as portrait artists. -



Loved getting a chance to actually get to prep the lights myself and meter. Also to
watch other's creative thinking was great. - Andree


Boudoir Photography Bootcamp


OK - I'm Sold. Now Give me the Details

Two Full days of Hands-On shooting and learning in a Rustic luxury home in the French River

Learn in the studio - Learn on Location

There will be a combination of class time, shooting time, and Post Production time. To insure everyone gets a good chance to shoot, we'll occasionally break into two groups. 

This is a fabulous location to shoot glamour and boudoir photographs. It's full of potential shooting areas from a main room with fireplace, multiple bedrooms, a large all wood and glass screened in porch, hottub, and more!

We'll be covering multiple lighting styles from single strobes for dramatic effects to complex glamour lighting using multiple lights, gels, and modifiers for the ultimate in glamour photography.

We will be having multiple models to allow the setup of 2 or 3 shooting areas. This will maximize the shooting time for each photographer. We insist the model shoots with only one photographer at a time so we will be making sure everyone has a good chance to get stunning shots.

How will I get a chance to shoot at the Bootcamp?

Only 8 people??? What's with that?

Small Group = Great Learning experience

If we're going to shoot we need time for each photographer to work. So we can't have dozens of people. We need a small motivated group. That means all these expenses have to be covered and that means the cost is high. But you get what you pay for. We're not interested in filling a room with hundreds of people. We get empowered just by seeing a small group of people "Get It".

Bring your main DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a selection of lenses. We will be providing studio lighting with transmitters for you to hook into so make sure your camera has a hot shoe to trigger the transmitter.

You may also want a tripod for some of the fireplace and hottub shots that will be done in low light. You may want to bring your own portable flash as well.

We will be reviewing images and post production techniques so bring your laptop as well.



Learn how to see the light - how to create mood and depth to your photos




... and how to rock it in the Studio

Glamour Photography Bootcamp 2020Glamour Photography Bootcamp 2020Glamour Photography Bootcamp 2020

Glamour Photography Bootcamp 2020



Learn Retouching that Stuns the Competition

Glamour Photography Bootcamp 2020Glamour Photography Bootcamp 2020


So - What's the Deal with PSH Seminars?

You Can't learn the Piano by watching Videos - Same with Professional Photography

Learn by doing - over and over again

Just why are Photography Schoolhouse seminars so different? Well it's all about learning, and to learn you have to do.
With most seminars you sit and watch as an instructor presents a slide show or live demonstration of their work. Often the only reason they're doing it at all is to try and give you a sales pitch for their books or DVD's.

At Photography Schoolhouse you get involved. You get up and shoot along with the instructor and get instant feedback on how to master the technique being taught.

I've always believed you can't learn to play the piano by watching a video. With Photography Schoolhouse Seminars you get the hands on education you crave.


How will I get great pictures for myself?

This is what makes Photography Schoolhouse Seminars so unique.

We start by controlling each strobe with radio slaves. Only one photographer at a time can use a trigger so each of you will have a private one-on-one time with the model. As others are waiting, we ask that you move briskly and share the time. The instructor will make sure everyone gets a fair chance.

From time to time we'll break into two or more groups each with a different model and set.

Just how does this help me?

Learn Photography - grow your business - mingle with your peers - feel the passion.
Get empowered as one of the best instructors in the country lead you thru hands on photo training. Work with live models to truly understand the technique, and interact with a real subject. You bring your own camera and shoot. You don't just sit and watch.
In addition to working one-on-one with our live models, you'll actually get model releases as well so you can use the work as samples, or stock photography.



But I'm just a beginner, is this for me?




Maybe not ... but probably yes. Here's the prerequisites for making the most of this Boot Camp:
A willingness to learn
A desire to succeed
A semi-pro or pro model DSLR or Mirrorless camera
How to set, aperture, shutter speed, f-stops, and ISO on your camera
From beginner to advanced pro, you will walk away with a mountain of information you did not already have and the ability to grow your business and build your financial goals for the future.


Don't hesitate. Register today


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Join us for Two days of Shootin' Boudoir and Glamour Style - Feb. 24-25, 2020 French River, ON.


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