PSH Webinars – Live

PSH Today -

Free Webinar -

The PSH Mastermind


Live at 9PM EST Sept. 12, 2017

NOTE: Click inside the viewer window to start the stream

Note: If for any reason the window freezes, or a black screen appears, simply refresh the page



 How to Control Your Signal Quality

If you find your signal is fuzzy, you can click on the cog icon at the bottom of the view window and select a higher resolution.

If you choose a HD signal and find it skips and flashes, your bandwidth may not support that resolution, in which case you may have to make a lower selection.



Using Chat:

To use chat, you have to first login. You can also create a User Name login for free by clicking the Chatwing option, or simply select the "Guest" option.

Once logged in, you can pop the chat window out on it's own by clicking the little window icon in the top right hand corner.



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