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Tayde Portrait lavendar Tayde Portrait

This software gives me the opportunity to use many digital backgrounds and my personal images when compositing.  Wanted to show the immediate result upon import.

From here, I could do my editing of matching the image to the background with color temperature, and using Portraiture on the face.

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  1. Kerry Allan
    So you shot on green screen and the software cut her out perfectly? Even through the veil? That's pretty impressive. Kerry
  2. Brent Rowlett
    Yes...this was the result upon import. Saves result to Tiff, Png, and Jpeg. Program also allows temperature adjustment of subject among many others, and background import, or export as png so that you can layer composite in Photoshop. The lavender background came with the program. The key is to have the subject in front of the drop (about 5' or more) to prevent the green from reflecting back, and to have the drop evenly lighted to the same f-stop as the subject. You do that and there is no need for a back drop.

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