Webinar – Creative Studio Lighting for 2014

Many photographers choose to shoot outdoors. This is a great way to achieve realistic images that people love, and save on studio overhead.

However, at the professional level there are still strong reasons to shoot in the studio. Weather is often a problem to running an efficient and profitable studio. But there's more to it than that.

The biggest single reason is your own competition. So many times multiple photographers in a given area all shoot the same locations and all get the exact same look to their images. How can you separate yourself from the competition if their work looks just like yours.

This problem goes away in your studio where you can create remarkable and creative images that your competition can't compete with. This reason alone is worth it's weight in gold when it comes to gaining an competitive advantage.

But now we have to create a scene. We have to conceive it, build it, decorate it and light it in ways that our customer will be blown away with their finished images.

Learning to light in the studio is easier today than in previous years. Techniques have changed and thoughts have changed. Learning the classical lighting of the masters is always good, but they had a reason for doing what they did. Firstly, they had no way of viewing an image until the film was processed and that was long after the client left the studio. So they had to carefully measure their lights and angles so they would know exactly what they were going to get before they clicked the shutter.

With today's technology we get instant results and can adapt and change while the client is right there with us. This allows us to be far more creative that we ever could before.

This is more than the essential studio lighting class. This is a class in ideas and creativity. Learning to see and adapt. If you're looking for solid instruction, or even just a refresher then you should jump into this free Webinar.

Kerry will review:

  • Lighting equipment styles and basics
  • Lighting placement and theory
  • Qualities of light
  • How to meter like a pro
  • Lighting Ratios
  • Posing the subject
  • Facial analysis
  • Corrective lighting techniques

Kerry Allan Owner - producer Photography SchoolhouseHaving taught photography, computer science and software implementation to thousands of students in nine countries around the world, Kerry has developed a unique teaching style. His straight forward, and personable approach has won him the loyalty of his students from all parts of the globe.

Now, as director of Photography Schoolhouse, he brings his years of teaching experience and even more years of professional studio photography experience together and shares it with photographers from around the world through his online Webinars, Ditto Cams and live workshops and bootcamps.

 Tuesday Dec. 17, 2013 6PM Pacific Time

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