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Today's client expects more

Why would a client pay somebody to do something they can do themselves. Today, clients expect more from their paid photographer than their uncle Bob can do with his DSLR or cell phone cam with Instagram.

Retouching an image has always been an accepted area of photography even back in the film days. Over the years it's swung back and forth from gaudy to elegant.  So how do you know when you've hit the sweet spot and are delivering an image that is faithful to the client, but has that professional look to it.

Warne Noyce has been achieving outstanding success by producing images that have a distinctive look and style to them. And today's he's willing to share that technique.



Free Webinar Tuesday June 17, 2014 at 6PM Pacific Time

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  1. I went to a recent workshop of Warne in Scottsdale. Warne Noyce? All knowing, if he comes on a problem he hasn't encountered, he immediately finds the solution. And what a KNOW IT ALL about Photoshop. He has such an eye to see a photo op in anything and almost nothing i.e. old tires?? His photograph was intimidating to me, but I signed up anyway. This guy is so nice, so real & willing to help ~ he even let me <--me stay for the whole workshop. I can't think of anything he won't attempt. And his bio told me, he has an angel on his shoulder <-- sounds cornball but for real!! Do not miss an opportunity to experience Warne in person.

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