Sept. 13/16 – The Art of Outdoor Fill Flash for Individuals, Families and Groups

Nailing outdoor fill flash on all types of subjects is what separates the pro's from the wannabees. To make it even harder, we have to consider exactly - What is a good outdoor portrait. I see a ton of work posted by many photographers with stunningly bad outdoor photography.

outdoor-photography-fill-flashWe'll start with some basics of how to select a location, a time of day, a background, things to avoid, and finally getting the fill light just right.

We'll also look at how to work the light with various numbers of subjects. The more subjects you have, the trickier it can be. So owe'll start with a single subject and then see how we change our plan as the number of subjects goes up.

So lets take a look at the principles of outdoor fill flash in a way that will work regardless of what you're up against.

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