Hi Kerry,
I have wanted to send this for awhile now. THANK YOU for your "Boot Camp" in Austin. I did not realize how much I learned until I started putting everything for my business together. My business is now going very well and I credit a large part of my current success to your class. I especially found the sections regarding indoor lighting useful. The hands-on aspect was exceptional, and it gave me so many ideas for experimenting with light - both indoors and outdoors. The sharing of knowledge and resources between you and everyone that attended was not only enjoyable, but gave me ideas for who to use for printing, types of backdrops to use, equipment, pricing, etc.... It was very instrumental in allowing me to move ahead faster. Again and again, I find myself saying, "I'm so glad I took that PSH Boot Camp class". The value is beyond my words.
Prior to that, I was on the PSH forum a lot. I also learned a lot from members there. It was such a nice surprise for me to find out how willing everyone is to share information and ideas.
So, over a year later, I send this Thank You. It has taken me this long to realize the true value of your class and website.
Thank you,

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