Winter Headshot Sale

This is a promotion you can run several times a year. I normally run it at least 3 times.   Remember, headshots are a growing business right now. The demand for quality headshot images for LinkedIN, business, acting, modelling and so on is at an all time high as our society shifts into an all online world. So while this is Continue Reading

Distribute Wedding Promo

Some wedding shows start right after New Years so it's time we had our material distributed. Even if we're not attending a show, if we get our promo out, we may scoop up some leads that might otherwise book with a show photographer.

Winter Headshot Sale – Shoot some new Samples

If you're new to the business, get some friends to come in for free headshots. Or, try a model call on Facebook in any local business, modelling, or acting groups. Try to shoot three different styles of shots for different headshot markets. 1) - The business headshot - comfortable, in charge, competent, welcoming 2) - Acting - For casting directors, Continue Reading

Winter Headshot Sale – Send to press

It's time to get some materials designed and maybe printed as well. The first promotional art we need is something to use on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Twitter. But why not make it dual purpose? Design the add around 4x6 @ 300 dpi then prints some 4x6 hardcopies to distribute with all outgoing orders, and any affiliate companies we work Continue Reading

Design Wedding Promo Plan

Design and plan a Wedding promotion that will be launched in April to book weddings for  the fall of this year. Most communities hold major wedding shows in January so you've either just finished those or you missed them. Many areas also have smaller shows anywhere from June to September, so it's time to get ready for those. If you're Continue Reading

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