Professional Photography – Break the Mold and throw away the pieces!

Why do people take their own photographs - because they can - and it's free!

People only pay for photography they can't do themselves


You need to break the mold and throw away the pieces!

Continual reinvention - the key to surviving and thriving in today's photography market. travis-gadsby-senior-photography-webinarWebinar topics will cover tricks to tap into your creativity in imaging, marketing, selling, scheduling and living. Are you working too hard for too little? Is it time to step up your game? Don’t compete with other photographers in your area. Rise above by becoming completely unique.


Reimagine your marketing, refresh your message, reinvent your photography and become the go to studio in your area. If you have been a photographer for any length of time, you know that it takes far more than just great images. We are blessed as photographers to be able to make a living doing what our soul craves to do anyway.

In order to be successful, we need merely to drink from the well of creativity often. Photography is a highly competitive industry and even if you are at the top of your game now, in two years time others will be mimicking your efforts and trying to knock you off your perch.

Beat the system by continually challenging yourself to tear down the walls and be reborn. Lead the way and let the rest follow!



Travis Gadsby - Presenter

travis-gadsby-photographer-silverlakeTravis Gadsby, CPP owns and operates Silverlake Photo Accessories, The Brink Studio and The Model Program. Travis specializes in High School Senior photography with impact. He and his team spend most of their time working on new products, backdrops, and marketing campaigns that make the senior market stand up and take notice.

The portrait industry has changed dramatically over the past decade and photographers must constantly evolve to stay at the top of their game.

Having started at the bottom and worked his way up over the past 23 years gives Travis an ability to relate to photographers of any skill level at workshops around the US and Canada.

As a vendor, Travis has also spent a great deal of time speaking with photographers from all walks of life, which helps him understand the complex problems of the modern day studio. His style of teaching concentrates on the individual needs of his students and what they can do to adapt and prosper.


Free Webinar - Tuesday Aug. 5, 2014 at 6PM Pacific Time

Register for "Professional Photography" with Travis Gadsby here

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  1. Travis I just discovered this on your page. Will there be a rebroadcast or will this webinar be available at a later date? With love to view it. Thank you so much.
    • kapsh
      Webinar recordings are available in the PSH Gold Member Library. Thanks Kerry

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