Oct. 4, 2016 – Boudoir Style Maternity Portraits

Boudoir Style Maternity Portraits

Shooting Maternity - Boudoir Style

For many portrait studios maternity sessions can either be a staple of your business, or a hassle depending on how you approach it.

As a wedding photographer I would inevitably get calls from former brides to do their maternity portraits. At first, I offered it as a service, but my head really wan't in it. Consequently my work was mediocre.


Then it dawned on me. What a perfect way to grow a portrait business. A market I can tap into to create life-long customers without even having to market it.

I started playing with styles until I had a couple of options I could offer my clients. They would come for a consultation and choose the style that best suited them. There was basically a standard bare-belly style, or what I called a boudoir style.

This boudoir style grew in popularity until it was by far the most popular of our maternity sessions.

Why? This is a special time in their lives. The intimacy that can be shown connects directly to their hearts. Only about a third of the fathers would come, so mostly we were doing moms-to-be in elegant - soft poses.

So join us in the studio live -  Tuesday Oct. 4, 2016 @ 7PM EST

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