Double your Photo Studio sales with this free client management system

What's the catch you ask? Nothing. No hidden fees, no trap doors, no tricks up our sleeve. What do we get out of it? Well, we want you to get to know Photography Schoolhouse and all the great things we offer photographers. So it's our marketing expense. We'd rather put our advertising dollars to use this way than waste them on ads in magazines. And it's a system I've used for years and built my studio's sales dramatically.

In our headlong rush to acquire new clients, we sometimes overlook the gold we already have in our grasp. Our existing clients. It's the same for any business, but photography studios more than almost anything other than maybe a family Doctor can keep people coming back over and over.

We get to shoot a clients wedding. Then there are newborns, birthdays, family shots, cake smashes, reunions, quinceaneras, sweet sixteens, seniors, engagements, then back to weddings again. What a perfect business we're in.

We all know this. There's nothing new here. So why the fuss?

What's new is the access to software that helps us manage this process better than ever before - And you can get it for free! Managing the personal communication with your clients can be the most effective tool you can have. While sending our quarterly newsletters or daily Facebook posts s good. There's nothing as powerful than getting a personal birthday message or anniversary note. Not an email, an actual note. Preferably hand written with a personal message in it. It builds your relationship in ways you can't believe. Great for your business bottom line, and fulfilling for your soul at the same time. Being somebodies personal photographer. Not a number in an automated system or a computer dispatched form mail, but a personal touch that not only brings the customer back, but builds word of mouth as well.

It's so easy to open your computer and see a daily list of reminders of upcoming events in your client's lives. Drop them a personal note. Not a sales pitch, just a birthday wish. Let them know your thinking of them, then when they see your specials and newsletters, they're much more likely to book a session.

Get Free Software to manage your customers!

We're going to see a system in action, and we're going to give every single attendee Free software to use - yes free! Complete with lessons on how to use it. Now, can you beat that? 🙂 Why? because Photography Schoolhouse should be your 1st thought on your studio marketing list. It's free and it stays that way. No surprises, no carnival tactics, just plain ol' free.

So join us Tuesday Apr. 22, 2014 at 6PM Pacific time.

Register  for the "Managing the Lifetime Value of a Customer" now now for Free!

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