Live Broadcast – The Creative Camera – Flowing the Beauty Pose

Learn how to take your Portrait/Glamour/Boudoir photography to the next level and stun the competition


We all know that the professional photographer has to produce better work than people can do themselves. This has always been true, but it's harder today than ever.

photography-beauty-pose-flowToday's cell phone and point-and-shoot cameras do an awesome job of capturing amazing photos. With apps like Instagram and others, they can produce amazing candid images in day-to-day life that we simply can't get in a photo session.

So it leaves a smaller niche for pro's to hit. Doing portraits consumers simply can't get other any other way.

For the most part, we can do this with lighting, makeup, set design, posing and so on. But whatever we do, the end result has to be awesome.

This series of PSH Ditto Cams is dedicated to the idea of escalating our products to fill that niche. 


Live Broadcast - The Creative Camera -

Flowing the Beauty Pose

Tuesday April 5, 2016 7PM eastern time

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  1. I saw the preview wedding seminar last week--but i cannot find your wedding seminar now on monday feb 22 2016.I thought i was registered.

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