Live Broadcast – Shooting Maternity Portraits that Sell

Live Broadcast - Shooting  Maternity Portraits that Sell

maternity-portraits-sellThe genesis of a solid portrait studio is families - and where better to start than Maternities.

Shooting a maternity portrait is often the beginning of a life long relationship with you and your clients. So why not make this session one that will keep them coming back.

This session leads to babies first year from newborn to the one year old and beyond.

But in this ever changing world of styles, what sells today?

Well, as with all portrait photography - emotion sells. So what emotions are in play here?

  • Love
  • Anticipation
  • Couples
  • Excitement



In this session, well concentrate on studio maternity portraits from creating the set to lighting, posing, and wardrobe.



So join us Live Tuesday June 7, 2016 @ 7PM Eastern time

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