Live Broadcast – Lighting the Centerfold

Learn how to take your Glamour/Boudoir photography to the next level and stun the competition

As boudoir photographers we all want to distance ourselves from the competition. Here is one of the best ways to do that - Centerfold style lighting. Yes, it's more complex, but that's the very reason your competition won't do it.

So join us for "Lighting the Centerfold" and see how you can kick it up a notch.


Our Model Miranda

In this broadcast, we'll work with our stunning glamour model Miranda and review the lighting theory behind a centerfold shot.

We'll cover:

  • how many lights
  • lighting placement
  • measuring the light
  • altering the color of the light
  • fine tuning our "orchestra of light" to make it sing



our Model Miranda

Live Broadcast - Lighting the Centerfold -

Lighting the Centerfold

Thursday April 21, 2016 7PM eastern time

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