Live Broadcast – Dramatic Boudoir Photography with Split Lighting

Pro Photography in the home studio part 6 - Dramatic Boudoir Photography with Split Lighting



PRO LIGHTING PART SIX - Dramatic Boudoir Photography with Split Lighting – NOV. 10, 2015


split-lighting-boudoir-photographyAdd some Sizzle to your Boudoir Photography with Split lighting

It's easier than you think 🙂

Boudoir photography has been a great profit center for photographers for years, and it's particularly strong right now.

But with any marketing plan, the trick is to set yourself apart from your competition by offering something their just not doing or can do.

Split lighting is one of those ways you can set yourself apart without breaking the bank or using up a lot of space.

We'll show you how with just one or two lights, you can add drama to your shots without a boudoir bedroom set or special props. In fact, you can shoot up against just a plain wall of your studio and walk away with shots your clients will love. 

sizzle-boudoir-photographySo What is Split Lighting?

Basically, at least one light coming directly from the side, and more often, one light on each side of the subject with varying power.

No lights are in front or behind the subject. The side lights act as their own kicker lights.


So join us live online - Tuesday Nov. 10, 2015 at 7PM eastern time.

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