Live Broadcast – Beauty and Glamour Photography – Dec. 8/15

Pro Photography in the home studio part 9 - Beauty and Glamour Photography

PSH - LIVE - DEC. 8, 2015 - 7PM EASTERN


PRO LIGHTING PART NINE - Beauty and Glamour Photography  – DEC. 8, 2015


So many times young models come to our studio for modelling shots. They don't really know what they want, they just know they need a professional photographer.

But is the average town portrait studio able to give them the same style as a truly skilled fashion photographer? If you ask either of them they'll say yes. But the truth is more like "Probably Not".

Beauty, Glamour, and fashion are dedicated areas all to themselves. Skilled photographers tend to migrate to the large cities like New York, Miami, or Los Angeles for obvious reasons. The typical town portrait photographer has little or no reason to work hard to develop their skills in that area.

So what normally happens is the images are taken and submitted to agencies. The agencies dismiss them on site and the model is left pretty disappointed. Sadly, they blame themselves more than the photographer and ultimately give up their dream.

But what if that didn't happen because we worked on our style and learned to deliver quality work that fell exactly into the "look" the agencies wanted.

beauty-glamour-photographySo what is the look?

Spend a couple of hours going over high end sites like,, etc. etc. Check out images that you feel you can do in your studio or location. Don't over reach. Pick styles, lighting and poses that you feel you can do with a little practice.

It's important to get the "feel" of what the agency is looking for, then find ways of coaching it out of the model. Set the ambiance of the studio to suit the mood. Play the right music, have the right attitude, and set the stage for the photo session.

If ever there was a time to pay for professional hair and makeup, this is it. You're about to get in for tight headshots so you want things to be just right. Seek out the best. Hundreds of makeup artists will claim to be able to to makeup, but most can't. If you don't know the really talented hair and makeup people in your area, find out. Ask around.  Having good hair and makeup doesn't always mean what you think it means. It's not that it's perfect, it's that it's perfectly in style. And that's open to a lot of interpretation.

If you can develop a reputation for getting tremendous shots other photographers can't then you can pull in a whole new type of clientele.

Right now these girls are going to amateur photographers and doing TFP (time for prints) sessions with them in the hope of getting some great images. But it's literally the blind leading the blind. An unskilled photographer is working with an unskilled model in the hope that they stumble onto something worthwhile. And yes, from time to time they do. But it's more of a fluke than skill. Why not be the photographer in your area that knows how to get it done and you charge for it.


So join us live online - Tuesday Dec. 8, 2015 at 7PM eastern time.

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