Jump Start your Boudoir Photography Business from your Home Studio

Jump Start your Boudoir Photography Business from your Home Studio


Start your Boudoir Photography Business from your Home Studio and Start Making Money NOW - 2016 Style

Photography Schoolhouse introduces our new Six Seven Part Series on starting your Boudoir photography business from your home studio.

Starting your Boudoir Photography business can be daunting at first. You've probably got a hundred questions about what equipment you need, how to do your marketing, set design, creating a shooting area in your home, and so on.

Now, we have a comprehensive guide on how we actually started a home boudoir business from scratch and turned it into a successful business.

You'll see every detail, every fact of our journey along the way with no exaggeration or hyperbole. No false claims - nothing but the truth. Every decision we made - including the wrong ones.

Then you'll see actual videos of highly profitable boudoir photography you can do from your own home.

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In this Seven part series, we'll show you:

  • Build your Sample portfolio from scratch
  • How to make simple sets in your home studio using both available light and studio flash
  • Start an easy and affordable Marketing campaign to bring customers in the door
  • Master Social Marketing
  • Learn simple posing that people love
  • Become a marketing and sales monster
  • See what products boudoir clients want to buy
  • How to sell
  • Quick and Easy editing of your Boudoir images


Check out our seven part series

And we'll show you the ropes of boudoir photography and how to make it profitable with minimal equipment. The program includes three live Webinars that guide you each step of the way, three live broadcasts from our Studio showing boudoir lighting and posing, and a webinar on retouching your boudoir images.

boudoir-photographyWe all have to start somewhere. But where, and how much will it all cost?

In this first part, we'll talk about the basics of building a boudoir business including:


  • Shooting on Location
  • Shooting in a Hotel
  • Shooting in your home studio
  • Basic lighting and what you need to get started


Every business grows on sales and sales grows from marketing.

But over the years boudoir photography marketing has changed. So how do you spend your time and money wisely?

In this section we'll take a look at modern Social marketing and how to make it work on a limited budget.

So let's talk about:

  • Fans and Friends and ‘like’ why we care
  • Avoiding the Facebook money trap
  • Meeting clients eyeball to eyeball and why it’s still “King of the Marketing budget”

boudoir-photography-styleDeveloping your own person style is paramount to developing your brand. But is that a big deal?

Yes, branding is important, but developing your style will largely come on it's own based on your shooting location, lighting, props and personal taste.

Learning to pose is critical and will probably consume most of your efforts for the first year or two. But over time you'll pick up on tricks and traps based on your own one-on-one experience with your clients. That's why shooting as many test shoots as you can is always to best way to learn.

But once the session is over, you have to sell, and you have to package. If you can't sell then what's the point.


Studio Lights with backdrops or room sets are quick and easy to set up and gets your portfolio underway.

boudoir-photography-posingboudoir-photography-posingboudoir-photography-posingboudoir-photography-posingMore posing with simple lighting

posing-boudoir-photographyposing-boudoir-photographyposing-boudoir-photographyposing-boudoir-photographySimple Studio Lighting

boudoir-retouchingOnce we've gone through all the work to capture the image, we have to make it ready for the customer to view.

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The Boudoir Posing and Idea Guide – Now with 2 hours of Bonus Video

boudoir-photography-book-posing-idea-guideGet our famous Boudoir Posing and Idea Guide complete with:

  • Over 135 pages of sample images, ideas, and instructions
  • 139 Smart Phone jpgs so you can refer to poses on the fly
  • 139 Hi-Res Printable field cards – to print our and refer to

(Reg. Price $77.77) 

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The Boudoir Business Builder Step-by-step

boudoir-business-builderGet this entire step by step guide of how we took a brand new boudoir business fro a cold start to an profitable - money making studio.

You'll see every step we took from marketing to delivery. Including:

  • Facebook marketing - how-to’s and how not to’s
  • Women’s show Displays
  • Social Marketing Contests
  • Building a herd of customers that buy over and over

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