Free Webinar – Top 3 ways to Promote your Boudoir Studio

 Top 3 ways to Promote your Boudoir Studio

Actually there's only one way - I lied about the other two

For the past few years Boudoir photography has been exploding. It's become a core piece of business for many studios, and of course, the competition for business is heating up. So photographers struggle to promote this somewhat "edgy" business. Should you put it on your website? Post it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? What's the best way to get this done?

The short answer is - none of the above.  there's one tried and true - solid way to get new business. All the others are just non-productive busy work. The answer is simply to have a dedicated Boudoir website apart from your regular work, and pick and choose your key customers that will drive referrals into your studio. This isn't the simplest way, but it's the best way. Don't be lured by what's easy, do the thing that's proven to work. But take special notice of the word " Key".



Danny Rabalais

Danny1-150pxDanny Rabalais and his wife have built one of the most successful Boudoir businesses in the country. It didn't happen over night. His marketing budget was zero. His plan was simple - get good then get key referrals.

But lets not over simplify what getting good means. For Danny, a long period of learning, trying, and perfecting came first. He attended seminars, workshops and shows. He used models as his first test subjects as he perfected his lighting and post production. Only then did he start marketing.

Join Danny as he shares his photography, post production and marketing techniques and start your Boudoir business on the road to success.






Join us for this free Boudoir webinar here

Wednesday July 23, 2014 6PM Pacific time






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