Free Webinar – Don’t get Clients – Get the Right Clients

Are you bringing in the wrong clients?

It's easy to bring in the wrong clients - and it's cheap. The problem is - so are they. And it creates numerous problems for your mental health and for your business because you did that.

So you advertise a cheap package and get some sales. But you find out they want everything for free and don't spend any money. So you get depressed and frustrated and think the photo business has gone to hell and you wind up wondering what else you could do in life because professional photography is broken.

You've heard of the 80/20 rule. It applies here. In fact it may be more like the 90/10 rule. Only a very small cross section of the market can afford, and have the willingness to pay the prices you need to charge to make a living.

So just how do we do that?

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