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Photographers love to shoot weddings. Who wouldn't? Everybody fly's in from all over the country, gets dressed up, expresses their love and gets together for a party. Who wouldn't want to join the fun and document the day for the new couple.

But as the lead photographer, the fun usually stops the minute you walk in the door and pull out your camera. Suddenly, people tense up and turn off the smiles. The pro is here. Gone are the great candid moments that others are catching with their cell phones, and everybody is looking at you and waiting for your instructions.

There is a huge difference between being the invited guest and the paid photographer. And there's a genuine skill to those photographers who can now re-capture the mood, put people at ease, and create truly stunning images that people will cherish for a lifetime.

The phrase "Many are called but few are chosen" really applies here. Hordes of new photographers enter the wedding business every year, and just as many leave it - often with their tails between their legs.

Maybe you've got a knack for photography. Your friends are always telling you how great your pictures are. You might actually be the next great photographer. But like any other profession you have to learn a few things to build on top of your raw talent. With knowledge and skills and talent - you actually can make a good living at professional wedding photography.

So join us for this special 10 part series that takes you through every step from gearing up to contracts, agreements, photo style and hundreds of tiny details you must know to get the career you dream of.


- Camera gear you must have
- Getting sample images

- Getting experience

- Getting a Website

- Creating social media

- Bridal shows and fairs

- Pricing your work

- Selling your first job

- Shooting the job

- Workflow and Delivery


And Get these great bonuses as well

Learn to develop a fully mobile friendly photographers website and see how to bring new customers to your door.

Free Posing Guides

Sample Contracts to protect yourself

Sample price lists

Step by step essential shot list with samples

Free Access to Video Recordings of each lesson during the length of the course.

Don't Hesitate - Reserve your spot today! Attendance is limited

10 Sessions - Feb. 3, 2015 - April 7, 2015 - all Free

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