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    Brent RowlettBrent Rowlett

    Where have all the years gone?  I believe I first met Kerry in 2007, attending his Texas Blowout in Austin, TX.  Not having any experience in lighting portraiture and posing people for photos, this hands on course was what I needed to get started.  A couple of accomplished forum members approached me to join, and here I am, just about the last man standing 🙂

    I am retired from a successful 30 year sales career, holding many management titles selling and marketing flexible packaging for food, medical, and industrial products nationally.  While selling, I never seemed to be able to get attractive sales aids and up to date brochure material for my presentations.  Graphics people were inherently lazy and apathetic and really did not care for sales until the lights began to be turned off and their jobs were in jeopardy.

    So when Photoshop was first introduced, the revolution began, eliminating paste up artboards, large cameras that shot the whole artboard and filtered colors for printing.  I began teaching myself the program coupled with Adobe Illustrator for spot colors to make my own presentation materials.  Investing in scanners and large format laser printers, I was able to produce professional quality presentations and showcase my film E-6 (Mamiya, 4 x 5 medium format) photography.  When you prepare for sales calls with comps using the customer prospect’s logo and your design talent, a trust and a bond is immediately forged, and they do not forget you.  You immediately set yourself apart from the pack of salesmen and women out there…”this guy does his homework”…”How did you do that with logo and all”… “this guy wants our business and look at the effort.”

    This activity evolved to the point whereby I was able to compete with the large art/marketing firms charging $15,000 per design by charging $3,500 per design, for a profit of $3,300 per item, and cutting the response time from 2 months to 2 weeks.  Not only was I able to market a company’s new product from concept to commercial reality, but I had no problem finishing #1 in sales year after year.

    Currently, I developed a niche of shooting real estate, and word of mouth has landed me many new brokers looking for good photography.  This is one area where a cell phone is not good enough.  I shoot with Canon 5D MKII and 5DSR cameras and Profoto lights.  Head Shots are another facet of my business offering, shooting real estate agents and other business people.  Having lost a female client due to not having a studio, I recently have rented studio space, painted my front wall white-white and side walls neutral gray, and will be opening April 1.

    So I am one of those people starting a new studio in my 60’s too 🙂  Looking forward to the course.



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