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    Brent Rowlett


    To keep current with new introductions by competitors, I have been reading and researching phones as a way of saving the $1500 Gimble cost to use my Canon 5D cameras in video mode. They would produce 4K video, but without auto focus, the quality might suffer.

    The DJI Osmo Gimble reasonably priced at $299 at B&H, allows one to use today’s smart phones for purposes of taking nice video clips of real estate listings. I still have the old IPhone 4S working just fine for my needs. Eclipsed many times now up to 7S+, the new cameras on the phones are far improved for low light and resolution, but I have found OSI (Optical Stabilization Imaging) in the new phones introduced in the 6S and 7S phones conflicts with the OSI in this Osmo Gimble, often causing a jerking effect in the video.

    My best bet is to purchase the IPhone 5S with the new processor, camera without OSI built into the software. I can get one for $200 and it should be supported by Apple for the next 2 years, until Apple figures out how to turn off the OSI on their new models. 720 is all I need for Utube for the next 2 years, so image quality is not critical.

    The IPhone 6 would be an improvement not having OSI, but hardly worth another $200. OSI was first introduced with the 6S model.

    “Moment” makes a 2X wide angle lens attachment which gives the phone camera 18mm wide angle capability needed for Real Estate, selling for $89 at B&H. So bottom line, for $600, I am in the game to practice and produce quality videos. This information will save somebody a lot of time when considering making videos with your cell phones.
    Now to critique this format, inserting this photo is relatively easy. However, when I begin typing the text, I cannot see what I am typing. I move the slider down to reveal the text, and with the next key stroke, the text disappears.

    So I reduced the size of image small enough to fit in this space and expose the type, and I think that is the key. All of this text, I composed in “Notes” and copied and pasted it into the format.  I do not know if the image will enlarge when I press the submit button, or once posted will the image enlarge for viewing upon clicking on the image.  I will have to press submit to find out.  The link icons will be interesting to use.  I find this format easy to use.

    Brent Rowlett


    I would try posting two rows of images, and see if there is a problem seeing the text as you type.  In other words post enough images to extend below 1.5″-2″ vertical space before typing.

    Kerry Allan


    so I’m trying to reproduce the problem. So far

    it’s working out OK

    the window scrolls with me as I type.

    each carriage return give gives me more space. I can always see what I’m typing.

    I’m using Google Chrome browser for this test.

    What browser are you using?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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