Live Broadcast – The Creative Camera #4 – Creating a Portrait from a Mood Board

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  • May 3, 2016
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Live Broadcast - The Creative Camera #4

Creating a Portrait from a Mood Board


mood-board-portrait-shoot I want to create a new portrait style I can offer to my clients. I've never shot it before so I don't have a sample. I can't find any ideas on the Internet that seem to match what I have in mind. So - I create a Mood Board.

The core idea started rattling around my brain over two years ago. I wanted to create a portrait of a First Nations woman I knew that wasn't a throw back to her heritage, but a subtle reminder of it.

She's young, very smart (just finished four years of University), very pretty, and most of all modern. She loves her heritage but isn't about trying to make a point of it.

Now, those are my thoughts not hers. I want to create a portrait she will love, and also create a product/style for me to show and sell to my portrait clients.

So an image started to form in my head. Just a number of gut feelings really. I started putting clippings in my mood board that felt like they fit my plan. I wanted it sexy, warm, and most of all - subtle.

What I mean by that is hard to explain. I imagined how I might feel if I were in her shoes. Highly educated and bound for a career in business. Somebody who can make it to the top of the corporate ladder, but still remembers and is proud of where she came from. She wants to show that, but not knock people over the head with it. Something her associates wouldn't notice on first glance, but start to catch on after a few glances.

These were the thoughts I had. This is all I had to go on to produce this portrait.

Let's see how I do -Live - in front of the camera. Join me in the studio live Tuesday may 3, 2016 at 7PM Eastern time.

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