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Commercial Real Estate Brokers are some of the most frequent users of Drone Photography, but the real money is in being able design video and print publications for your work.  Being focused on end users is the key to landing nice segments of business and referrals.

Attached is a front and back design for a large card to present at sales meetings.  I have been requested to make presentations for several Real Estate Brokerage sales meetings.  Having from 25 to 1500 active agents, setting yourself apart from the pack is key.  Most photographers put together a web site and thing the world will come to them.  Getting out and selling, meeting brokers and agents, showing them magazine quality graphics, making projector presentations for sales meetings, and networking are activities required to build a business quickly.  I am so busy now, I hardly have time to edit and sleep, but it is satisfying to know there is a big demand for good photography out there.


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