Continuing with Window Pulls


Practice, Practice, Practice.  The photography that separates the run of the mill photos and images from the pros in addition to correct exposure and composition, is the ability to edit wide angle distortion and capturing outside views through the windows.

HDR software like Photomatix does not leave much in the way of window views.  Most people wanting bright images, increasing the exposure will only take more of the green away.  Blown out windows are the norm in the photography I see.  The key is to use a powerful portable light of at least 400-600 watts to overexpose the window trim and appointments leaving a good exposure through the window.  Often this takes two exposures left and right, because the light will reflect off of the glass.

Using these exposures, I place the two photos in layers above the main image created with HDR software.  I use the "darken" mode for each and a black mask.  With a white brush, I am able to paint in the vernal greenery of the outside for pop.  After I have what I want, I correct the perspective for good verticals and crop the image using the shift key and pulling in the corners of the photo so that they are identical in matrix size to the other processed images in the batch.  If one is photographing a house with ocean, lake, and beautiful scenery views--realtors notice.

Image 1 was processed in Aurora--4 bracketed images (-2,0,+1,+2).  Image 2 was corrected for distortion and window pulls.


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