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Adam Brush Portrait

Hi Kerry--

Testing your new interface...  My business portrait and head shot activity is really starting to take off.  Attached is a portrait taken of a Real Estate agent on location after photographing one of his listings.  Shooting RAW, I wanted to remove the shadow from the left side of his face.  After viewing your head shot video again, I noticed that you advocated placing a shadow on one side for men.  Funny, I removed it for one comp and showed this view as is, out of the camera, and both he and his wife chose this one.  Said the shadow made his face look thinner 🙂

Invested in Neutral Gray, White, and a couple of other Westcott 5 x 7 drops on sale.  I can make the Neutral Gray go Slate Gray without light and almost white with a back light.  In this example, this gentleman wanted me to copy his fellow agents exactly with same background color.  (Wish I would have told him to pull his coat/collar down)

Looking forward to your 8 week course to really take my real estate photography and head shots to a new level.

Many thanks.



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  1. Kerry Allan
    Awesome :) The headshot business can be one of the most lucrative areas of photography right now. Mind if I ask how much you're charging for a business sitting? Kerry
    • Brent Rowlett
      Right now, I am charging $50.00 in conjunction with shooting a home for the agent. Business location, I am charging $150/hour. The activity is picking up averaging 2 per week with many agents saying they want to have pictures taken. I know $50.00 is low, but by and large (in this market) I am competing with the cell phones and malls which have photographers that will take pictures for $15.00-$20.00. When I am able to populate my new website with at least 20 examples, I hope to be able to charge more when I begin targeting businesses and the entertainment industry. My presentation hook is to provide something other real estate photographers cannot do, take a good portrait for an agent, and bond with that agent so that all subsequent real estate photo shoots are directed to me. Second, on two occasions I have been able to photograph their families in addition to Linkedin head shots--$50 head shot, $250 family shot (with print). I am open to all suggestions during your course coming up in March.
      • Kerry Allan
        Can I grab your website link?

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