Senior Photography Boot Camp 2014 – Warne Noyce

Give your Senior Photography the WOW look
and Weddings and Portraits and Families and so on - Warne Noyce


Good enough isn't good enough anymore - Ya' gotta wow-em
Join Warne Noyce and Photography Schoolhouse for this Three Day Intensive hands-on workshop in Phoenix Arizona


Warne Noyce

Warne Noyce
Power, enthusiasm, creativity, and an endless supply of energy is what Warne Noyce brings to his photography business.

His success in creating a profitable photographic studio while others are still whining and complaining is proof that the photography business is alive and well...if you do it right.

People Say:

- I don’t know if I can keep going.
- All the shoot and burn photographers are ruining the industry!
- People are giving it away!
- There are new photographers popping up everyday!
- The market is over-saturated with photographers!
- How can I compete?

This list goes on and on!

Well I'm proof that anyone can start new, build and maintain a successful business!
I started a brand new photography business Jan 1 2012 in a city (pop 15,000 people) where I really didn’t know anyone. I only had a few contacts! With the proper marketing, branding and beliefs my phone has now started to ring off the hook! It hasn’t been easy. I never expected it to be. I did however expect to work my A$$ off and never give up! I refuse to give it away! A big part of making money is believing you are worth it! If you believe that, you have the ability to do anything!

I worked hard to develop a style that stood out in a crowd. One that was so different people HAD to take notice! That is the number one key in my opinion to a successful brand!



If you're dead serious about wanting to succeed in professional Senior and Portrait photography, this might be the single best event you can attend!


Senior Photography Bootcamp



Three Full days of Hands-On shooting, editing and marketing your senior photography business

... and get ready to stun your competition



So, just how do people feel about Warne Noyce and his photography?


One of the most amazing workshops I have ever taken! Warne and Paula are an amazing couple who devote their world to sharing their passion for photography!

They walk with you every step of the way and won't hold back. From posing, shooting, lighting and editing. Thank you Warne and Paula for helping me take my photography to the next level!
Shelli Renee Bakersfield CA


I always knew that he was a great photographer, but what I found out is that he is also a great person. He gave an AMAZING presentation. It was truly inspiring. Warne speaks and shares from the heart and that in my opinion is what makes a great mentor/teacher. His passion brought tears to my eyes a couple of times.
Nathalie Bianca Minor


People used to say of Phil Spector that his production techniques of the songs he recorded trumped even the artists who were performing them. Almost to the point that it wouldn't have mattered who recorded the song as long as Phil Spector produced it.

I feel that way about your work . Your composition, lighting, and post production work are so stylistically unique to you that your images are as much about "that" than even the subjects in them.

When I can look at an image and know it is "a Warne" without seeing your logo at the bottom, that my friend is true artistic branding.

Tyson Zahner


Warne Noyce is truly one of the most unforgettable people that I have ever met. I found his workshop in New Orleans, LA to be very laid back, informative, and entertaining.

Warne has a unique style of lighting unlike anything 'traditional'. I like the way he thinks outside the box and breaks the rules. He
really understands how light works and demonstrates it well.

I believe that in these times that photography has changed and Warne's ideas and techniques are new and fresh-different from any other workshop that I have attended. He is truly a genuine and nice person with lots of ideas and knowledge to share.

Stephanie Gaspard Batchelor, Louisiana


Warne is an amazing instructor and he is able to convey complex concepts in
very simple ways so that you truly understand the lessons he is teaching.
Marc Durocher




OK - I'm Sold. Now Give me the Details

Three Full days of Hands-On shooting and learning

Learn in the studio - Learn on Location

There will be a combination of class time and shooting time. To insure everyone gets a good chance to shoot, we'll occasionally break into two groups. Groups A and B will alternate between locations and subjects. That means each group will have two separate shooting areas with different models and accessories to use. Attendees will be able to bounce back and forth between each shooting area.

In addition, we'll be making excursions to some beautiful locations including Scottsdale Civic Center, Papago Park, and Hole in the Rock for some outstanding location photography.

There will be a mixture of class time, shooting time and post production time. Bring some comfortable shoes to  hike in. We will be going to some interesting locations. This time of year can be moderate temperatures, so both light summer clothing and maybe a sweater and light jacket just in case it gets cool. We'll be having some long days.

How will I get a chance to shoot at the Bootcamp?

Only 10 people??? What's with that?

Small Group = Great Learning experience

If we're going to shoot we need time for each photographer to work. So we can't have dozens of people. We need a small motivated group. That means all these expenses have to be covered and that means the cost is high. But you get what you pay for. I'm not interested in filling a room with hundreds of people. My ego just doesn't need it. I get empowered by seeing a small group of people "Get It".

Bring your Camera, Lenses and Laptop

With this seminar you shoot 'till you drop. So make sure you have a DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses. You'll want a normal range, wide angle and a telephoto. If you don't have all three, don't worry about it and bring what you have. You'll also want an on camera flash. Don't worry about a tripod, you won't need it. Bring your laptop with Photoshop loaded on it for editing images.



Track 1 -Saturday AM

Marketing your Senior Photography Business


marketing-your-senior-photography-businessDon't confuse Senior Photography with School or yearbook photography. You don't need to get a contract from the school, nor do you want one.

Senior photographers are chosen by the seniors themselves They are seeking a higher level of talent and more artistic style than contract photographers can give. This makes it a bit harder to build your clientele. In this section we'll learn about ways of getting your message to the students you want.

Track 2 -Saturday AM

Principles of Studio Photography - Lighting Gear - Metering - Camera Lenses


PSH-senior-photography-bootcamp-2014-jenna-studioWe start in the studio where Warne will reveal his technique for lighting and producing stunning studio shots. Simple setups that don't require a lot of gear that anybody can learn and do on their own.

Warne has a particular way he likes to set his lights and how he wants the raw images to look. In post production, you'll see how he evolves the images into the stunning results customers come back for.

Track 2 -Saturday PM

Principles of Studio Photography -- getting it perfect in the studio or portable studio


PSH-Senior-photography-bootcamp-studioWe continue in the studio working with alternate lighting setups. You'll help set, meter, and hold the lights yourself and shoot along side Warne so you get to see the posing and communication techniques as well.

Everybody will have their own chance to shoot one-on-one with the models and make sure you get the raw captures you'll need for the next section.

Track 3 -Saturday PM

Retouching Basics in  Photoshop - time saving techniques that sell


Photoshop-Retouching-warne-noyceStarting with the images from this afternoon, Warne will show his unique approach to processing the images and producing his unique "Warne Photography" style. You will work your own images along side Warne and get the results that will make your eyes pop.

This technique and look as all part of branding and developing your personal style. Once his images are done, people often will say "That's the Warne look we've been wanting".


Track 1 -Sunday AM

Pricing and Packaging your work


pricing-packaging-your-photogrpahy-rice-studio-supplyMany photographers fail right of the bat by not pricing their work for what it's worth. Anybody can sell gasoline for 10 cents a gallon and you'll have customers lined up down the street right up to the point that the bank closes your doors.

Once you have quality work, you need to charge the right price. Setting prices too low just because you're the new guy in town  leads to disaster and the great photography business graveyard that millions have fallen  into.

Track 2 -Sunday AM

Principles of Location Photography - Scottsdale Civic Center


PSH-senior-photography-bootcampWhile studio photography is great, you have to be able to produce stunning work on location. Today we'll head out to Scottsdale Civic Center and explore their campus of wonderful locations.

Now you need to develop the skills of finding the right light and backgrounds to crate the images you want. Posing and creating emotion is critical to your success as well.

Track 2 -Sunday PM

Principles of Location Photography --


PSH-senior-photography-bootcamp-2014-locationWe continue with location photography and scout out locations that have a much different feel and look to the park like setting of this morning.

We'll even work pool-side to get some spectacular water images both beside the pool and in the pool. Bring your bathing suit and get in the water as well. Get some images like never before.

Track 3 -Sunday PM

Review Images and Retouching tricks in  Photoshop -


photography-seminar-review-imagesAfter our day of shooting, we'll return to the studio for image review and critique. We'll go over sample images from each photographer and offer suggestions on how to improve, and accolades for work well done.

We'll also do some more retouching and explore different techniques and workflows to get the job finished and delivered to the customer.



Track 1 -Monday AM

Creating and Producing Products to Raise your Sales Average


producing-products-albums-slide-showsThis is a changing profession. For decades the product we sell has been the finished prints and enlargements. While that's still the primary product, we can open our minds to new wants and desires of today's customer.

We need to follow the entire process from proofing to sales, to product creation and packaging. How fast should we be. How do we manage customer expectations to set us up for success and getting referals from happy customers.

Track 2 -Monday AM

Principles of Location Photography - Papago Park


PSH-Papago-Park-Senior-photography-BootcampWe're off to Phoenix's famous Papago Park. A desert parkland that offers stunning and unique photo opportunities. Its massive, otherworldly sandstone buttes set Papago Park apart from anything you've seen and present us with loads of creative fun.

Managing light in a desert can prove to be a challenge, but the park offers unique stone Ramadas that make awesome backgrounds rich with texture and shade. Stunning cactus formations and small lakes ringed by palm trees give us ample choices.

Track 2 -Monday PM

Principles of Location Photography -- Hole in the Rock


senior-photogrpahy-seminar-hole-in-the-rockIn the heart of Papago Park lies hole-in-the-rock, the result of 6 million years of creative erosion by mother nature. This afternoon we'll hike up the mountain and take advantage of the awesome gift left to us by nature. Bring good footwear and a hat. This is not the place for sandals today.

There are lots of lighting situations here. Late in the afternoon the rocks take on a golden glow that makes for impressive backgrounds and scenics. This location will stretch your abilities as a photographer.

Track 3 -Monday PM

...And we shoot till we drop or the light runs out


PSH-senior-bootcamp-2014-sunsetThere is so much to shoot at this location that we usually wind up shooting right until sunset. And today, we'll do just that.

This will give us ample opportunity to study fill flash, posing, and exposures in tricky situations.

We will not be returning to the studio after this segment as people will have flights and travel arrangements. This is a good time to get any remaining questions answered from Warne before the seminar ends.



So - What's the Deal with PSH Seminars?

You Can't learn the Piano by watching Videos - Same with Professional Photography

Learn by doing - over and over again

Just why are Photography Schoolhouse seminars so different? Well it's all about learning, and to learn you have to do.
With most seminars you sit and watch as an instructor presents a slide show or live demonstration of their work. Often the only reason they're doing it at all is to try and give you a sales pitch for their books or DVD's.

At Photography Schoolhouse you get involved. You get up and shoot along with the instructor and get instant feedback on how to master the technique being taught.

I've always believed you can't learn to play the piano by watching a video. With Photography Schoolhouse Seminars you get the hands on education you crave.


How will I get great pictures for myself?

This is what makes Photography Schoolhouse Seminars so unique.

We start by controlling each strobe with radio slaves. Only one photographer at a time can use a trigger so each of you will have a private one-on-one time with the model. As others are waiting, we ask that you move briskly and share the time. The instructor will make sure everyone gets a fair chance.

From time to time we'll break into two or more groups each with a different model and set.

Just how does this help me?

Learn Photography - grow your business - mingle with your peers - feel the passion.
Get empowered as one of the best instructors in the country lead you thru hands on photo training. Work with live models to truly understand the technique, and interact with a real subject. You bring your own camera and shoot. You don't just sit and watch.
In addition to working one-on-one with our live models, you'll actually get model releases as well so you can use the work as samples, or stock photography.



But I'm just a beginner, is this for me?




Maybe not ... but probably yes. Here's the pre-requisites for making the most of this Boot Camp:
A willingness to learn
A desire to succeed
A semi-pro or pro model DSLR camera
How to set, aperture, shutter speed, f-stops, and ISO on your camera
From beginner to advanced pro, you will walk away with a mountain of information you did not already have and the ability to grow your business and build your financial goals for the future.


Don't hesitate. Register today


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Oct. 4-6, 2014

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