PSH Marketing Minute – Yes! – The Instant Hardcopy Photo makes a return!

Yes! - The hardcopy photo makes a return!

Fuji brings back the fun of an instant hardcopy photo.

Remember the old days of instant prints? Well, Fuji is bringing them back and I think it's a great idea.

Digital has become the defacto way of taking pictures, but nothing in digital replaces the instant fun you have when you can take a picture and then hand a print to the subject right away. Digital doesn't make that easy.



I think this is both a great gift to a budding photographer in the family, but it's more than that. I think pros can pack this one along on a wedding and take some fun shots that you give out right away to guests at the wedding. Not everybody for sure, but a few shots of a candid moment that nobody caught on camera except you. Just give the photo to the subject along with your business card. What a great way of gaining popularity with brides and grooms.


It's a fun looking camera. Nobody's going to take it for anything more than it is. Nobody thinks it's going to bring back film cameras. Everybody should just take it for what it is - an awesome candid camera and a great looking print to put in somebody's hands.

I picked one up and used it the first day during a family shoot at the studio. When a family has young kids I like to let them warm to the studio by letting the kids run around and get used to the place before we start the shoot. Even then I like the kids to horse around before I get them into the main shoot.

It was then I got the idea of taking a couple of fun shots outside of the proper photo session and handing them to the client to take home with them.

They loved them! I plan on doing this on pretty much every session I do from here in. Yes, it costs a few bucks, but that's not a lot to pay for a happy customer.





The instant film can be purchased as pack of 100 sheets, so each shot will run you about 60 cents. If I'm only giving away a couple of shots at a time that's the least amount I'll ever pay for advertising!

So check out the links on this page for more information and to see some of the other camera models they have. Treat it as a marketing tool. - you'll love it!


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