My new Studio Shooting Style – Backdrop Free


My 2017 plan - No more backdrops!

Well ... almost

So that's it. I've been shooting on backdrops for most of my career when in the studio and I'm done. I'm sick of that look.

My entire artistic desire right now is to shoot people or things in the environment they would normally be in if they were indoors. So - Room sets.

So the next logical step of that is to use as much available light as I can with maybe just a few kickers or modifiers. Or if that can't be done, then to use the studio lighting to create totally natural light.

You see, I've been able to shoot for the last couple of years with a great source of available light coming into my shooting area. I never had that before. the more I played with it the more I loved it! Now it's all I want to do.

Mixed Lighting? You Bet!! Love it.

I plan on doing several more PSH Ditto Cams on that this year.






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