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In advance of the marketing program March 21, I have found a niche that might be of value to photographers.  Hair Styling is a very competitive business, and stylists like my daughter are having a hard time marketing their talents, and their salons are often void of samples depicting their work.  If they hang anything on the walls, often they are stock posters of the latest cuts provided by the product companies from which they buy their coloring, conditioner, and sundry products.

Being capable of making large 36" prints, I think I can sell salons on head shot sessions for their clients for purposes of display, social media marketing, and publications.  At the very least, I can encourage them to shoot samples against a white wall, which I can use to design displays for a fee.  My daughter's hair studio has commissioned me to begin photographing for this very purpose.

In addition to real estate agent head shots, I plan to market this service to all the salons in the Atlanta area, and all the modeling agencies while I am at it.  Looking forward to the marketing help to do it.


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