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In sales, one has to create a need to successfully move product or services.

Photographing many homes in this development, all of the agents request that I photograph the resort amenities.  Why not photograph the area just once and supply photos and video to agents for an economical fee to market these homes?

After selling this video to a homeowner that rents 3 homes in this development, I drove the entire neighborhood photographing every For Sale sign with my cell phone.  I then contacted 13 agents via message on my cell phone.  Out of 13, 8 agents purchased the video in one day.  Using PayPal, I get paid immediately.

The developer, still building homes, purchased one and requested me to produce a like video of Woodstock (one of the top 10 communities to live in the US).  One of the agents inquired if I have a similar video of “The Villages of Town Lake?” No, but I will make one!

I have been commissioned to produce photography for Brookhaven as well.  So yesterday I purchased a new domain “” and a new facet of Real Estate photography begins.  What better marketing tool for somebody relocating from out of state or considering moving to these communities is this?  Photographing the schools, points of interest, and amenities of a neighborhood and putting them in a presentation is of great value to a prospective buyer.  And it will get me more homes to photograph as I become known with greater exposure.

One can hire a photographer and a drone pilot and hope for the best at great expense.  Giving agents a ready made turn key presentation for an economical price is already producing good revenue in addition to the $400/day average income I am currently generating.  I am not using Social Media as yet...I do not want to signal to competitors what I am doing.  Sales calls one by one is my comfort zone for building business.  And for apartment complexes the sky is the limit, and I will sell them for hundreds to the management of the communities.

As an added plus, they want be to design and publish try-fold brochures and rack cards.

You can copy and paste this link in your browser to see what I am doing, and then return.

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  1. Brent Rowlett
    When considering the purchase of a drone, my wife fought me tooth and nail, saying "that's all you need, another toy to clutter your studio." Well I have proved her wrong...advertising on Craig's List, I have received three out of state orders from investors wanting me to film the areas, one considering a tear down and wanting to document the view from 30' and 40', the height of the proposed decks with a view of the golf course. In two months the $2,500 expense is paid for, and now on to more projects to mix the stills and video into presentations and home photo packages. It is pretty scary to fly this bird 400 feet above and out of sight. I can see what it is doing in the monitor, but where it is up there I have to trust the GPS return that it will come back to me. So far so good :)

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