A Year of Growth

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It has been a good year for growth in my business.  With the recent acquisition of the drone with the large DSLR full size censor, my photos are doing the selling for me.  So happy to have passed my FAA license certification on the first try, and now I am legally able to charge for commercial work.  The fine of up to $10,000 for not being licensed is scary.

By making personal sales calls, I have been able to amass quite a few agents that keep me very busy.  And all the years of practice in Lightroom and Photoshop have been put to good use, delivering magazine quality images.  Being designated "preferred photographer" with several brokerages is something I strive to maintain.

Here are a few images from last Friday's session: Images, Video, and Drone...a full day devoted to this mansion on Red Top Mountain.


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  1. Kerry Allan
    Congratulations! It's amazing what you've done with this and this story should be inspiration to photographers all over. Kerry
  2. Brent Rowlett
    Thanks Kerry, and thanks for your help. Regardless of the type of photography one is interested in doing, I highly recommend making a video presentation or stills presentation with Animoto expertise if one cannot do the work themselves. Sending links such as the attached say wonders about your photography without your having to...and it is free. Right now, I am having the presentation placed on a thumb drive with logo in mass for sales calls. At $7.00@ they provide a professional approach to always leave something behind following my visits. I also found a company on the internet that will make small photo books for $10.00@, but in that I am now doing video work as well, the thumb drive makes more sense for me. https://vimeo.com/218540904
    • Kerry Allan
      I've been a fan of Animoto slide shows and using them as an ad piece is a natural fit is perfect :) Is your real estate website up?
      • Brent Rowlett
        I just have not had the time to access the web site material with your vendor. I was planning on using it for head shots, but the real estate market is holding and possibly commercial real estate drone work will take hold soon. I am averaging 2+ homes per day and 3 hours of editing, but it is paying off. Word is spreading and reviews on brokers websites have been very good. I purchased a domain "Community Videos and Photography.com" with the plan of making videos of planned communities, towns, and still photography of same available to Realtors, Chambers of Commerce, Advertisers etc. Community Videos.com is already taken, so the concept is being done by somebody in the US. But adding still photography gives it the edge so I am happy with the name. For now, all of my Real Estate work is up on www.eyephotodesign.com. I don't have all the search meta data I know, but for self marketing it is doing the job. I am very busy.

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