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  • Sept. 20, 2016 – Shooting Boudoir Photography like a Centerfold

    Shooting Boudoir Photography like a Centerfold Boudoir photography continues to be a hot business for professional photographers. But most of the time we still have to do something a bit different to separate us from the competition. So we've taken a page out of the centerfold photographers playbook and adapted some of their lighting techniques and applied them to Boudoir Continue Reading
  • A new Business Model for Pro Photography is born… and It’s about time

    These past few years we've all struggled to deal with all the changes in the industry. And have there ever been a lot of casualties along the way. There's always been a churn rate to the professional photography business. Years ago, even when the industry was stable photographers came and went. Some got disillusioned, some retired, some just weren't good enough Continue Reading
  • Sept. 13/16 – The Art of Outdoor Fill Flash for Individuals, Families and Groups

    Nailing outdoor fill flash on all types of subjects is what separates the pro's from the wannabees. To make it even harder, we have to consider exactly - What is a good outdoor portrait. I see a ton of work posted by many photographers with stunningly bad outdoor photography. We'll start with some basics of how to select a location, Continue Reading
  • Sept.14/16 – Free Webinar – What’s your Blue Ocean Strategy to keep Your Photography Business Afloat

    Free Webinar - What's your Blue Ocean Strategy to keep Your Photography Business Afloat Based on one of my favorite marketing books ever: Blue Ocean Strategy: How To Create Uncontested Market Space And Make The Competition Irrelevant ( W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne)  In a recent PSH Webinar with Travis Gadsby on succeeding in Senior Photography, I was reminded Continue Reading
  • Free Live Broadcast – Shooting and Designing a Model’s Portfolio with Motion

    Doing a shoot for a model to add to their portfolio is a great business to get into. As they're always looking for something edgy to set themselves apart, it's the perfect time for you to do the same. Try different looks, expand your own portfolio and get creative. In the beginning, many photographers do this for as a trade, Continue Reading
  • Free Webinar – Selling, Pricing and Packaging your Photography for Profit

    Creating the best photography doesn't mean a thing if you can't learn to Sell it for a Profit   Selling is the life force of our business, life, the economy and our well-being. Being an artist is great, but on it's own it really doesn't do anything for us except give us a warn felling inside. Perhaps more than ever, Continue Reading
  • 5 Essential Black and White Boudoir Poses for Today’s Clients

    Boudoir Photography is Hot and Calvin Klein made Black and White Imperative   Boudoir is a Hot topic for Photographers  for a while now, but younger customers have been raised on a steady stream of steaming hot Black and White photography that's stunning. So, lets do that 🙂 For the purpose of this top five, we'll consider subtle toning to Continue Reading
  • Free Webinar – Get your First 100 or Next 100 Photography Clients

    GET READY TO JUMP START YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MARKETING   We have to Market or Die Getting quality new clients today is harder than ever before. We need a strategy - and a good one. And of course, we need some revenue while we build our client list. For most new studios, once they've exhausted Continue Reading
  • Live Broadcast – Shooting Maternity Portraits that Sell

    Live Broadcast - Shooting  Maternity Portraits that Sell The genesis of a solid portrait studio is families - and where better to start than Maternities. Shooting a maternity portrait is often the beginning of a life long relationship with you and your clients. So why not make this session one that will keep them coming back. This session leads to Continue Reading
  • Free Webinar – Don’t get Clients – Get the Right Clients

    Are you bringing in the wrong clients? It's easy to bring in the wrong clients - and it's cheap. The problem is - so are they. And it creates numerous problems for your mental health and for your business because you did that. So you advertise a cheap package and get some sales. But you find out they want everything Continue Reading
  • Live Broadcast – Creating a Hollywood Glamour Portrait for your Clients

    Live Broadcast - Creating a Hollywood Glamour Portrait for your Clients Offer something to your clients that blows your competition away - a "Hollywood Glamour" portrait. Some of the best glamour photography ever created was done in the 20's and 30's by master photographers using only the equipment of the day. Check out the greats like famous MGM photographer George Continue Reading

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  • Here’s a problem. You get the clients you advertise for.

    Are you attracting the wrong kind of clients? When building our photography businesses, we often sell our work for very low prices with the idea of gaining market share and clients. There's a few obvious reasons why you don't want to do this. But what should we do instead? How do we find the "right" kind of clientele? And most importantly, "is our work Continue Reading

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